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“Alyssa is an outstanding trainer. She’s encouraging, attentive and knowledgeable. I highly recommend Alyssa to anyone who is looking to integrate  fitness and overall wellness into their life.”

-Stephanie L.

 "Megan's programs are never boring, a non-stop challenge, and super fun. With one on one training, my confidence has increased exponentially. Megan helped me to refocus on flexibility, mobility, and strength. Not only did I increase some gains, I had complete mental shift for working out. Be ready for some seriously fun banter and hard work when you start training with Megan.  


"Even over video Alyssa is still able to give me corrections, make sure I'm moving safely, and push me to accomplish great things. She does research to help me work on chronic issues, and I've made major strides towards being healthier and happier overall.

When I started looking for a trainer I knew I didn't want a drill sergeant screaming at me; I'm tough enough on myself as it is. Alyssa has this beautiful ability to get me to do things that feel impossible without yelling or using guilt. If you are looking for a coach who will help you accomplish great things, look no farther than Alyssa.”



""Megan is an All-Star trainer. With just the first session, I felt heard and supported by her. With an emphasis on relationship building and process, she has helped me reach some of my goals almost immediately. Megan is a affable, driven and able to meet you where you are while still pushing you to the next level. She creates dynamic programming that includes what I'm comfortable with and new exercises to keep things interesting. I'm excited to enjoy a long training relationship with her."


“Alyssa is committed, authoritative, intuitive, caring, goal-oriented, and fun. She is vastly knowledgeable on human musculature and applies the best approaches for strength and mobility training to help her clients achieve their fitness goals. She is the best trainer I have ever had!”

- Constance

"With her incredible knowledge and physical therapy background, Megan was able to easily guide me through the process of getting stronger and learning how to be more conscious of my body. I have enjoyed every single second of working with her. She watches out for little details and doesn't hesitate to call them out."

-Berk C.

“ After finishing physical therapy, I was worried I would not be able to continue the exercises properly after moving. With her incredible knowledge and PT background, Megan was able to guide me through the process of getting stronger and learning how to be more conscious of my body. She put together a customized training program that addressed my needs and also challenged me without risk of injury.


“ Alyssa helped me train for my first triathlon as part of improving my overall health and fitness level and really taught me how to take care of my body as I trend towards my 40’s. I made the podium for my age group in the triathlon and my body feels better than it has since my early to mid 20’s. Every session with Alyssa reinforces that she really knows what shes doing and continues to learn new training techniques.”

- Dave F.


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