Virtual Personal Training

You shouldn’t have to drive to a place to create healthy habits, the path to good health starts in your home. Virtual personal training allows you to continue to get a customized movement program from the comfort of your own space.

+ Meet your trainer when your kids nap or on your lunch break

+ Create healthy habits in your home

+ Less time commuting and more time for loved ones

+ Build your home gym (minimal equipment needed)

+ No judgment from others while learning new movements 

+ Meet with your trainer from any time zone or place

+ More consistency in your workouts


1 on 1 Coaching Packages

Customized training to help you succeed.

This includes:

+ A complimentary movement assessment

+ 12 week customized program

+ Weekly virtual personal training via video chat

+ Customized cardio, mobility, and strength regime via iOS app on the days you don't meet with your coach

+ Nutrition coaching and guidance

+ Monthly check-ins 

+ Form check from your coach

+ Make major improvements to your strength

Online Coaching

Customized online coaching via iOS app. If you are a beginner in exercise,

we don’t recommend Online Coaching to start out. Try out our 1 on 1 Coaching first.


+ Count on us to hold you accountable for your workouts

+ 12 week customized program 

+ Form check and feedback on workouts weekly


Training Packages

Kinstretch Classes
(Coming Soon)

This class is meant to supplement your current training regime by focusing on increasing joint health, joint longevity, body control and injury mitigation. This is not your normal stretching class, you will be very active and it will be challenging. If you are currently dealing with an injury or dealing with pain, we don’t recommend taking this class at this time.