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It has taken years to improve my health from where it was years ago. I had to let go of the idea that I was “unlucky” because there is so much we CAN control. I can control my sleep, drink more water, eat more real foods, go for walks, meditate, and MAKE time to move every day. Once I started to prioritize my health consistently, I saw how much it improved my relationships with the people around me. 

This is my story and journey so far and I hope to be the coach to help guide you along your wellness journey.



Having been an athlete most of my life, fitness has always been a constant. I received my Bachelors in Exercise and Sport Science and have worked in physical therapy clinics, group fitness classes, and individual training. I specialize in functional training and incorporate experiences from my background in soccer, Muay Thai, boxing, Olympic Weightlifting, and rock climbing.  I love being able to share my experiences and hope to continue to inspire others along the way.

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