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 PalI ke kua wellness 


1 On 1 coaching

Customized training packages to help you succeed.

online coaching

Form check and feedback on workouts each week.

Coming Soon:

Kinstretch classes

Supplement your current training regime by focusing on increasing joint health, joint longevity, body control and injury mitigation.

"Even over video Alyssa is still able to give me corrections, make sure I'm moving safely, and push me to accomplish great things. She does research to help me work on chronic issues, and I've made major strides towards being healthier and happier overall."

- Julia

"She not only builds programs to help you achieve your goals, but educates you along the way on the 'how' and 'why' the body works the way it does."


"Alyssa helped me train for my first triathlon as part of improving my overall health and fitness level and really taught me how to take care of my body as I trend towards my 40’s. I made the podium for my age group in the triathlon and my body feels better than it has since my early to mid 20’s."

- Dave 


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